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Christopher Higashi

Real Estate Agent

Christopher Higashi is founder of the Halton Real Estate Investment Club and is also recognized as a Platinum Award Winning Realtor with Canada’s #1 Real Estate Brokerage (in terms of gross transactional sales volumes). He also happens to be a long-time resident & investor of real estate in Halton region and will also be a keynote speaker for the upcoming HREIC seminar series.

Boris Mahovac

Mortgage Agent

HREIC is excited to announce Boris Mahovac of Ontario Mortgage Deals (Verico Designer Mortgages) will be one of our expert guest speakers talking about creative financing options for real estate investors at our Grand Opening event on November 29th @ Remax Real Estate Head Office: 345 Steeles Ave. East from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Boris comes with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and is a well respected educator in the financial/mortgage brokering world.

Robin Shiwsankar

Home Financing Advisor with Scotiabank

HREIC is extremely excited and proud to announce that Mr. Robin Shiwsankar a Home Financing Advisor with Scotiabank will serve as one of our expert panelists and appear as a guest speaker at our Grand Opening event to be held Thursday, November 29th, 2018 @ Remax Real Estate Centres Milton Office (345 Steeles Ave. East) from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. Robin comes with many years experience both servicing and selling mortgage financing solutions through one of Canada’s premier lending institutions.

Wael Jajo

Financial Professional

HREIC welcomes Mr. Wael Jajo of WFG as one of our keynote speakers to discuss the advantages of choosing Life Insurance over Mortgage Insurance specifically. With that Mr. Jajo is also an industry recognized expert in advancing Canadian families through debt-management, cash-flow analysis, individual/family protection, estate preservation, and so on. HREIC look forward to his lively and captivating presentation scheduled for Thursday, November 29th.

Cuong Luu

Property Inspector

The HREIC is especially proud to announce that Cuong Luu, an accredited independent home inspector with nearly a decade of experience who comes certified with G2 Gas Tech credentials & a (rare) non-invasive thermography certification that commissions infra-red technology allowing to detect moisture behind walls, will speaking to the importance of hiring a quality home inspector BEFORE purchasing any real property.


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